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The Adair family continues their legacy.

Meet the Team



Kristen is the granddaughter of Paul and Donna. She grew up at Donna’s and would sit at the small table set to the side of the cash register, coloring, reading, or doing anything to keep herself busy while her mom, Michelle, was helping customers. Kristen began working at Donna’s in high school and continued to work full time throughout college. She graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in 2017 and married Christian Thompson the same year. Kristen has continued to help her mom run Donna’s.

If Kristen is not at work, she is spending time with family, being a mom to her new baby boy, or exercising.


While Jamie is not a blood relative of Paul and Donna, she has become a staple in the family and at Donna’s. Before joining the Donna’s family in 2015, she attended OSU-OKC and received a degree in Crime Victims Survivor Services. Jamie then became a teacher’s assistant while also raising her son Drew.

When Jamie is not at work, she enjoys photography and swimming. During the summer, you can find her supervising at Will Rogers Aquatic Center.


Michelle is the daughter of Paul and Donna. During Michelle’s high school years, she worked with Donna as they went to local stores to set up their Hallmark departments, do revisions, etc. She loved doing these things with her mom, and when the opportunity came for the family to open their own store, it was a natural next step. Donna’s opened the year Michelle began college, and she has worked full time since. Michelle married Roger Sampson in 1989. She did receive her Elementary Education Degree and took one year off to teach elementary school.  When she and Roger found out they were expecting their first daughter, she returned to Donna’s full-time. A baby swing and cradle became regular sights at the store as their three daughters grew up. All three have worked at some point for the store. Kristen, their middle daughter, continues to work full time for the family business.

If Michelle is not at work, she is spending time with her foster grandson, serving in the children’s ministry at her church, or with her family. Michelle loves being at the store and the relationships she has made with her customers.